Thursday, July 03, 2008

So Far

July? Already? Seriously? I know we've been busy. We've been places and seen stuff. But I can't think what it all was.

Let's see......

We've done a lot of this.

And a bit more of this.

When the rain lets up, we head out for a bit of this.

Yesterday we nearly killed Grandma doing this.

And at night, of course, we all have to sleep like this on account a' how the bloody sun won't just stay the fuck down long enough to get a decent night's sleep.

For the most part, we're enjoying ourselves.

Kind of.

Sort of.

I think.

I find myself fantasizing about day camp and summer school a lot, but then the kids get busy collecting blueberries, or building tents and playing baby crocodiles out by the lake, and I think "Isn't summer just the greatest thing EVER!"

I've read half a dozen books since school let out.

A few days ago I ran a 30 minute 5K (personal record).

And I sit here now with wickedly sunburned chest and shoulders (just reward, no doubt, for the attempted matricide of yesterday's aforementioned 5 hour hike).

So things are pretty much as they should be. Except I don't have nearly enough time for blogging.


Queen LaTeacha said...

5 Hours????? I know it was at least 8. The lake is just around the next bend? What a load of crap that is! This is the last steep part? Again, bullshit!

I do have to say, however, that it was gorgeous once we got there. If I just could've been airlifted out for the last few kilometers, I could happily say it was a great day. But dehydration, total exhaustion, and too much sun took their toll.

The next time you want to hike, I'm taking a book with me!

Trace said...

First off, what is that pink thing that the kids look like Zombies over?

Secondly, the hike sounds intense and so very awesome, and reminescent of us doing a 4 hour one in Escalante which lead to a 300 foot waterfall. Although your terrain is so very beautiful. I can almost see the fairies and wood nymphs peeking out from the foliage. It is worth a sunburn for a great memory!

And thirdly, Little Miss is MY GIRL! - I love sleeping masks!
Love the shot of her riding high up on Grandma's shoulders. tell Grandma, Zoe is ready for that and just broke 40 pounds!

jillybaby said...

Hey JEDA, I'm now on day 5 of complete solitude and it sucks. The kids have been away since last Wednesday and Alan left for 2 weeks in Nigeria on Monday. Even my co-workers are all away in the States. All except the one guy who stinks of garlic so bad, I think I might pass out. So I've been on my Jack Jones!

Being just across the pond from you, I have the same "when will it get dark?" problem, so sleeping is not happening for me at the moment. I even took herbal sleeping pills last night and they didn't work! Although I'm beginning to doze off at my desk and it's 9.05am!

So, in a pathetic attempt to relieve the boredom, I decided to do a spot of DIY...ok so I destroyed the bathroom door and I started to pull the wallpaper off our bedroom walls (it should be noted at this point that our walls are over 3 meters high!!!).

During this 'me' time I've worked out that there are 2 solutions to my problem...

1. Bring the kids home - not really an option because I'm at work all day and I do quite like having no laundry!

2. A friend comes to visit (specifically one from Norway)!!!

A message for queen lateacha - she lied to me about the lake on several occasions too. Just round this bend...and up the hill...and over this plateau...not this lake, it's the next one...almost we are!...did you bring the sun cream? I thought you brought it...SHIT.

American in Norway said...

Hei Hei! Just found your blog... Loving it. Need to go back & read more posts... but you say fuck & norway in ths same sentence... I think we could be friends..: )
PS it is raining here AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely time you all are having!!! Whatever these folks say, hiking in Norway is positively wonderful. It ALMOST makes up for the rain... but not quite...

cym said...

I have a game Em would totally's called drawn to life, where it's partly a story/adventure, yet you draw stuff- your character, clouds etc...


I finished that book 2 weeks ago.Interesting.

Five-Browns said...

Hey Jeda - I coulda written this post....its school hols in South Africa (Cape Town) and been pissing with rain for over a week....I feel ya girl