Friday, November 19, 2010

The Wild Things Are All In His Head, You See

Since the 1st grade Daniel's class has had a sort of mascot.  A cute little stuffed animal they named Geo-Rasken*. Every week a name is drawn out of a box, and the person whose name is drawn gets to take Geo home for the week.  On Friday they bring Geo back to school, along with his tote bag and notebook, in which they're meant to have written a short account of what they got up to during their week together.

Geo was quite popular in the 1st grade.  Nobody could quite hold their cookies until it was their turn to take him home.  Week after week, the first thing I'd hear from Boy when he got home Monday afternoon was, "Not me. Again."  Sigh.

But that was two years ago.  Eventually it was Boy's turn.  And then his turn came again, and yet again.  And three more times in the 2nd grade too.  And it was great. An electric little thrill, everytime. 

When I sent Geo back to school sometime last May, I sort of assumed it was for the last time.  I mean, cute is cute and all, but...going on the 3rd grade now...surely we've played this particular game out.

Imagine my surprise then, when home comes Boy Monday with none other than wee Speedy himself. Looking, I must say, more than a little worse for wear. It was immediately clear from Boy's lackluster, "I got Geo....again...." that I was right in assuming the thrill has begun to wear a little thin. 

What with one thing and another, Geo got set aside that evening, and pretty much ignored for the rest of the week.  Nevertheless, an assignment is an assignment, and just before bedtime last night I told Daniel that he had to write something in Geo's book.  He didn't want to, of course, "There's nothing to write.  We didn't do anything."

"So write that.  Or make something up.  I don't care, as long as you write something."

Thus with a great, put-upon huff, he scratched out the following:

Translation for the Norwegian impared:
Home with Daniel
We did nothing.  It was a boring week.
Next time we'll travel back in time and fight with the Vikings.


I love that kid.  I swear to God I do.

*Geo, pronounced gay-o, short for 'gepard' which is the Norwegian word for cheetah. Rasken, from the venerated Norse root meaning 'super-speedy-fast-one'.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Girlie Interlude II

"I sink we should say 'drowning' instead of 'sinking'. And we should use 'guessing' instead of 'sinking'.  That way there won't be any mix-ups."

Tangentally--the punch-line of one of Mister's favorite lame jokes goes something like this:  "Mayday! Mayday! We are sinking!"  Nearby German ship responds, "Yes, vee are sinking of you too!" 

He tells this joke almost daily now as Amanda continues to say "sssss" instead of "thhhhhhh". 

I sink she knows perfectly well how it's upost to be pronounced. She's only persisting to piss him off. 

She's evil that way.