Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unfinished Elder Miss Business

This is another post I would have liked to have put up in June before we left, but was unable to get to.

Not my fault, this one.

EM's art teacher cancelled the last art class, so we couldn't pick up her portfolio before we left. I just got ahold of it yesterday at the first class of the new year. And well worth the wait it was. EM had epics to tell about how she did this, and why she chose that. She wondered where on earth we were going to find the room to hang it all up on the walls. If I were a better mother, I might have shared her concern. As it was, I told her we'd pick one piece--the best piece--to frame and display in some later to be determined place of honor on the walls.

Which piece is still a matter of some debate.

Which would ya'll choose?

This was the first time she'd ever worked with coal. She said she didn't much like it. Much too hard to control. For this assignment the teacher had brought in three stuffed animals. They were told to pick one, and draw it into some sort scene--sort of like a book illustration.

The story goes: this husky comes to school one day to take her on an adventure to the arctic. It's funny 'cuz I spent half of last winter writing half a book about a kid who leaves school one day, and heads out on an arctic adventure.
She didn't have much to say about these two. I don't think she liked them much. They're both paintings that she did after being read a story from which she was supposed to pick two scenes to illustrate. She couldn't remember much of the story, something about a woman who wanted three babies....and there was a bird.....or something.....
This one is her favorite, and I have to agree that I think it's rather wonderful. It's a simple still life--a vase of peonies, a water pitcher, and a pineapple. The thing I find most impressive about it is, when I looked at it and said, "Hey EM, I didn't know you guys had talked about prespective or anything like that. That pineapple has some depth!"

She was all like, "Eh? Per-wah-huh? I just thought the flowers turned out nice."

Which they did! But look at that pineapple! It has some depth!
This is the blind portrait of her friend that she was holding when her picture was taken for the newspaper last winter. I liked the little bit I could see from that grainy photo. I flat out love the finished product. If I have my way, I think this is the one I'll be framing. When I asked her why she chose those particular colors, she said, "Because the blue is like, electric! That's what I wanted."
This is one of the drawings she did in preparation for that free-form bird house thing that was selected for the art show. She was told to let her imagination run wild in composing a house. The only condition was that this house had to hang from a tree.

Messy and chaotic as it is, I still think this is far more interesting to look at than the finished product that ended up in the show.
This was from an assignment all about shape and color. She couldn't remember any more concrete instructions than that. Just shape and color. And she told me that she wanted to challenge herself to use some colors that she didn't think she liked. I don't know if that was her idea, or perhaps something the teacher suggested to her at some point during the process. Either way, the finished product works for me.
And finally--to round out the year's curriculum--some scuplture.

......get it?...with the rounding out?....and the scupture? the round?........anyway.....

Her teacher broke her leg--apparently, quite badly--'long about mid-January. So, for the entire second half of the year, she had a substitute filling in. The particular speciality of this substitute happened to be ceramics and sculpture. So the kids got to spend a lot of time working with clay that they wouldn't ordinarily have gotten to do otherwise.

EM loved it. The polar bear candleholder with the blue bow tie is kind of cute. But I can't help it, I like her drawings better. I was glad to hear her regular teacher say yesterday that while she might consider to do a bit with clay again this year, she can't do much because she doesn't know much about it, and she doesn't have access to the kiln for firing.

Yey! Sharpen those pencils baby! Make me proud!


American in Norway said...

WOW... she is really talented!

We were talking about you yesterday.. >(in a good way...) Hop on the train & come for a weekend... promise we aren't weirdos.... saftey in numbers...bruhaaa haa...
No really, we are very normal-ish people : )

Batgirl said...

I really like the still life and the polar bear! He's totally cute :-)

la dragon said...

The blind portrait. Without question. Though the swaddled baby is incredibly sweet also.

trace said...

Zoe adores the baby one of course... wants it to be placed not on your wall, but in my belly.

I love the baby, the bird, the blind portrait, and the chaotic colorful one. I think you should not choose one, but make a gallery wall in her room, simply dedicated to her art. You can rotate the pieces from each frame with new art every now and then, archiving the prints for safekeeping in archival clear big art envelopes, in a potfolio or big flat box case.
We have the envelopes locally - I could easily send you some!

She is sooooooooooo good... can't wait to see more!

Queen LaTeacha said...

My vote is for the blink lady. There's something very, I don't know, quiet and graceful about it. Love it.

Queen LaTeacha said...

blink lady??????? You know which one I meant. It's late and I had too much wine at the pig roast tonight. Whatever!

Return to Norway said...

I particularly like the last one - 'colours and chaos' is my kinda thing.....

Which one does she like? If she had to chose..

Oh and don't listen to Tressa - we are mad - totally balmy. Talk too much. drink too much (on Saturdays)- you gonna luuuuve us!!!