Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enter Cindy

We might as well begin with her, since I know ya'll are just dyin' to know.

She's exactly as lovely as you might have expected.

Her paws are HUGE. And her eyes are the softest shade of cinnamon brown--a peculiarity which as gone a long ways towards bringing me to peace with the name Cindy.

She's perhaps a bit more skittish than I might have hoped. The day we brought her home, we opened up the cage, and she made a beeline for the inner reaches of the sofa (literally made her way up inside the framework of the damn thing). We didn't see more than the tip of her tail for the better part of two days. I was more than a little disappointed.

On the second day we pulled her out, and stuffed the holes under the couch with old sleeping bags so she couldn't climb back in.

She warmed up considerably over the next few days, and now she's proving to be a very sociable little honey, following us from room to room, and settling where ever we do. But she still ducks and runs anytime she even suspects someone might be reaching to pick her up. She'll suffer a good pat and rub from time to time, but she's clearly not much of a cuddler. In this way she's not unlike her new mother....

She's going to fit in just fine.


Nita said...

She is beautiful, talk your dad into letting me have one.

la dragon said...

She's gorgeous. I'm still not down with the name, but she's gorgeous.