Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The longest two weeks of my life, people!


I hope ya'll are still out there, because I'm finally plugged in again, and I've got shit to say. 

It's gonna take me some time to thread it altogether blog-wise, but new material on its way prontissimo.



Batgirl said...

We're here! :-)

Anonymous said...

About friggin time! I'm still here but only til Saturday then I'm in Libya for 2 weeks then back for the op (on the 7th). I'll have LOADS of time after that.

Jilly xxx

Anonymous said...

hi,i think your blog is so funny and real. i also live in bergen and have a 15 month old baby. - evangeline

JEDA said...

Thank you Evangeline (lovely name, by the way). How long have you been in Bergen? It can be a lonely city with no one but a 15 month old to talk to all day long. I swear to God, the cat saved my sanity through those early years!