Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ha Det På Badet--Literally

If you've ever wondered how best to complicate the process of packing your family of five for a summer abroad, you can go ahead and stop wondering. I've got your answer: allow your shallow ass well to run dry three days before you leave. It's a perfect hassle see, because it will muddle your life to the nth degree without actually threatening your departure, thus avoiding the pre-flight heart attack that would really throw a spanner in the works.

This happens to us every damn summer. There are three houses using our one itty bitty well, and whenever we have a run of good weather (only ever possible in Spring) it dries up. I try not to be critical of Mr. Gotta Wash The Car Twice A Week Neighbor-Man, but GRRRRRRRR!

Last night the men folk jerry-rigged one of those suction/vacuum deals to draw water from our neighbor's deeper well into ours. We are now over flowing with sweet, potable water, but naturally the pump burned out when we ran dry Sunday afternoon. Soooooo, nix.

I've lost count of the number of buckets of lake water I've lugged up the hill to flush toilets, and boil for dish washing, and such. I spent yesterday at Mister's cousin's house doing the laundry, so that's alright. My primary issue right now is showers and baths before we leave. I fear, Grandparentals, that we might be a bit over-ripe for that first welcome home hug....

Whoa--erase, erase, erase. Just moments ago, Mister waltzed in claiming victory. I can now confirm that we do, indeed, have water. Yey! Showers all around!

Doesn't erase the inconvenience of the last two days though. Jackass Neighbor Man best oughta step off the car washing from here on out....

And now to you la Dragon--

I'll see your rocketship vibrator and raise you a hi-fi stereo:

In the middle there, she asks the guy to turn the music up. And the slogan is "Nothing comes entirely on its own." Ba-dum-bum

Silly blond. Hasn't she ever heard of a spin cycle?

For the record, I think the IKEA ad is probably funnier, but this is pretty damn good too.


Corinne said...

I'm all for going rustic...when I choose....;) But congratulations on your jerry-rigged water working!

trace said...

Glad you have fresh water again - we could have sent you truckloads with the consistent downpour of thunderstorms we have had for the last 10 days or so... pissing rain, right?! :)

Can't wait to see you, shower or no shower!

Michelle said...

hmmmmm, and you said we could stay at your place if we needed it...hmmmmm, Things are going slow here but forward!! You need to fill us in here back home what you have been doing since getting home, the weather is slowly coming around here........slowly but surely...... Say hi to your fam from me.