Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clever Boy

In order to share Boy's latest penetrating, multi-layered poem, I'm going to have to use real names.  This bothers me not even a little bit at this point. 

But before I cast away that final veil of anonymity, I want to explain that what started as genuine skittishness and cyber-paranoia, grew into an admittedly lame literary pretension, which eventually seeped into my real life such that, these days, I tend to call the kids by their bloggy handles at least as often as I do their real names.  This is especially true for Boy.  Boy is Boy--quintessential and enduring.  So it made sense to me to keep going with the fake names, even after I gave in and started publishing pictures of them.  EM (Elder Miss), Boy, and Missy (Little Miss): that's who they are; it's how I think of them.

Without further ado--Boy's latest little ditty.  Which managed to catch me so off guard, that actual tea spurted out of my actual nose.  Consider yourself forewarned:

Amanda rhymes with panda,
that means she's a panda.
Daniel rhymes with cocker spaniel,
that means I'm a cocker spaniel.
Emma rhymes with dilemma,
that means she has a problem.

And if you add Jamie (that's me) to all that, you get JEDA.  Welcome to my world.


Natasha said...

That's freaking brilliant, Jamie. Your boy is seriously going to be the next poet laureate of some country. I'm not kidding. I LOVE this.

(As an aside, congrats on the puddy tat acquisition. An additional aside, I love reading your blog & catching up on your familial adventures. Very refreshing.)

Michelle said...

But where is mister?? Still think you should be JEDAT!! je-dat. sounds cool. what about putting the cat in to? hummm, something to think about hmmmm....

trace said...

Laughing... HARD!

Oh man, still laughing...