Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Word About The New Year, And Resolutions--Old And New

So here we are...back at the beginning.

Happy New Year everyone!

I made a resolution last year--a secret one. I vowed to publish at least 52 posts for the year--an average of one post per week. Done. Over done! I'm pretty sure that's the first New Year's Resolution I've ever faithfully fulfilled. This makes me righteous and rather awesome, wouldn't you agree?  I see no need to reissue the resolution.  I'm in the habit now, and a post per week should be the very least you all can expect from me from here on out.

I settled on a new resolution early last month.  I was planning to keep this one hush hush too, thus avoiding the crippling pressure of accountability and expectation.  But I managed to get myself a little tipsy New Year's Eve, and found myself blabbing it to the whole party.

"I've decided to read a book--in Norweeeeegian!" I slurred, with wholly unjustifiable hubris.

Our hostess is quite the enthusiastic reader, and before I could say "suckers, I was only kidding" she was up plucking dusty tome after dusty tome off her well-stocked bookshelves.  Norwegian books, by Norwegian authors, in the Norweeeeeegian vernacular....one of them anyway.  After nixing anything old, or mired in too obscure and annoying a dialect, my one-book commitment had turned into three.  Now anytime Mister sees me with a book in my hands, he feels at liberty to ask, "Is it Norwegian?  Is it?  Is it?"  Damn my loose, drunken tongue!

How about you lot?  Any resolutions you care to share with me?  I promise not to throw them back in your faces until Christmas.  It'll give me something write on your Christmas cards, which I do now solemnly resolve to actually write on next year!  I'm still feeling rather guilty about stuffing this year's into an envelope without so much as a signature. 

I took some pictures New Year's Eve.  None of them very good.  It goes without saying that, in addition to all the reading and writing I will be doing over the course of the new year, mastering the art of digital photography will be high on my to-do list.

This is what Boy and his cousin had to say about the fresh crab served to them for dinner:
This is what Elder Miss had to say about the control top panty hose I struggled to squeeze myself into after three weeks of holiday eating:
And this....I have no idea how I did this:
But how freaking cool would that have been if it had been framed properly, and you could she her face and shit!  Next year, people.  I'll get that shot next year!


jillybaby said...

You see, happy accident is your friend too!

jillybaby said...

Shit forgot to mention resolutions in last comment...

1. Get fit (predictable)
2. Lose weight (double predictable)
3. Be nice to Alan (impossible)

Guitar said...

It's times like that you wish your mouth had a Backspace key! Not really. I love your off-the-cuff
My resolutation for this year is the have a lot of fun with our family this summer at Disneyland.

American in Norway said...

Ooo GREAT shots!

Resolutions for the year (same as last year)
Get Fit
Get Organized
Be a good Mommy/person

new one... be nicer to myself.

Trace said...

Love that you post once a week at least! It is nice to keep connected being so far away from each other.

Anonymous said...


I just finished a 346 paged book in Norwegian...granted it was an American book translated and the only reason I read it was because I could not find it English. It's really not that bad...I didn't know all the words, but could figure out the meaning via context. I'm surpried you didn't have to read a book in norsk skole. I read Mormor og De Atte Ungene (forgive my spelling).

Hope to see you soon!


Queen LaTeacha said...

I think you're the only person I know who's actually kept a New Year's resolution! I'm impressed.
And a book in Norsk? Whoa!!! I could do that if you'd send me a picture book!

Anonymous said...

So you are going to read a book in Norwegian. Good for you. Can't say that I even have the slightest interest in Norwegian books. However, does kursmaterielle på norsk, forskrifter fra skattetaten og NAV, and countless pages of informasjon fra revisoren, to name a few, count? If so, then I guess I have read numerous books in Norwegian. I think I would have preferred a novel....more straight forward storyline, with a lot less redtape.

Your go girl !!!

PS hope you had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you soon