Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mixed Messages In A Troubled Economy

Over dinner last night Mister says to me, "So I got a raise today.  If we can keep the company afloat I'll be getting 2,000 extra a month. Soooooooo, that should help.  Right?"

No word yet on how big an "IF" we're talking about here.


Batgirl said...

Of course what they don't tell you is that that's pre-tax, so you're really only getting a little over 1000 a month extra spending/saving money.

Our raise this year will be 2% - to be paid in December (back pay from March), and IF, the company gets a better (positive) result than expected, we may get a bonus.

I'm so annoyed I didn't ask for a higher salary in 2008! It was a good raise, but I wasn't expecting not to get one this year. Hopefully the consumer price index increase will be less than 2% so I don't lose money.

Queen LaTeacha said...

Oh Batgirl, not only will I NOT get a raise or a bonus, but my supply budget has been butchered, and I'm just hoping the prison school isn't closed completely, leaving me with NO job. Good luck.

JEDA, I SO hope it's good news for you and Mister. Things WILL get better. It's just a matter of hanging on until then. I have great hope. But don't ask my big brother!