Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud Parent Alert

EM was in the newspaper the other day.  Can you spot her?

One of the local papers featured the kulturskole where she takes her art class on the occassion of its 30th anniversary, and she just happened to get in the way of their photographers the day they visited.  Clever girl.

That's EM on the right with her artsy friend Mona, holding blind portraits they did of each other during class that day.  I know you can't see it very well in the picture of the picture of the picture, but there's something very Modigliani in the pointy chin and strong patches of flat, vivid colors.  I totally dig it--parental obligations notwithstanding.

They don't get to take any of their work home with them until the end of the school year.  There's going to be a big student exhibit in June, and the teachers keep everything on hand until they decide which pieces they want to display.  The only other thing she's done for the class that I have to share with you is this Christmas card:
Her teacher tells me that she has a very well developed sense of color and balance. 

Sure.  Sure, I say.  But when are you going to teach her to do hands?


Alpha Grandpa said...

Proud grandparent alert!!! It's so exciting to see my love of art pass to the next generation. I hope she enjoys her travels through this exciting world with the eyes of an artist as much as I have.There's nothing like it.

Trace said...

Oh JEDA... oh, I am so proud of her. I got "teary proud". She looks adorable and I look forward to the unveiling of her end of year pieces.

Queen LaTeacha said...

That's my girl!

American in Norway said...

Love the card! You must be so proud!

Tif said...

Three things: 1. I LOVE blind portraits. They always have such a playful, abstract feel to them. I make my students do them all the time. Love them! 2. That Christmas card is gorgeous. The colors are wonderful! And 3. Drawing hands sucks!