Tuesday, January 13, 2009


At the risk of sounding like one of those fluttery, domineering mothers who would dress her precious baby boy in sailor suits and knee-highs if they were still readily available, I have to admit--I prefer Boy's towhead impishly long and tousled. I'd keep it that way forever, if only he'd let me. Precious baby boys, however, have a selfish habit of growing rather relentlessly up. And mine has recently been nagging me for a "real" haircut, a "big boy" haircut, one performed by someone with a "degree" or whatever. Pfft! Such insufferable vainity! And in a six year old no less! Where will it end?

Nevertheless, being the selfless loving mother that I am, I took him yesterday, and got him his obscenely overpriced, professional haircut.
Humph. At least we can still call it tousled.

On the way out of the parking lot, for some reason (I forget what) I hit the breaks hard enough to jar everyone forward and back pretty roughly. Boy growled from the backseat, "Careful mom! You're messin' up my spikes!"


Alpha Grandpa said...

All of the sudden the boy looks grown up. Good lookin ain't he!!! There's some good genes at work there. Do I sound like a grandpa?

Trace said...

Daniel's haircut is fantastic and we love that spiky cut - so cute!

We have yet to even have Zoe have her first haircut, and actually I am looking forward to having it shaped up a bit. But... she already looks like she is 5, so that may add even more years to her appearance. Oh dear!

Queen LaTeacha said...

He definitely looks older. Were the spikes his idea? Or is that just expected for a 6-year-old? What do I know?

Funny that he didn't want you to mess up his spikes. A new day is dawning!

Amy said...

The few times in Ethan's life I've attempted to actually comb his mop, he gets mad and wants to know why he has to have "fancy" hair. "I like it messy, Mom!"

Whatever. One less thing for me to worry about in the morning I guess.