Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh hi!

Are you all still here?
Your loyalty, and optimism, frankly, at this point flatter me.

There's stuff to say. Jilly Baby came for a visit. Thanksgiving last week as a hoot--probably one of those 'best ever' events that will be hard to live up to next year and beyond. There's also the endless to-ing and fro-ing of the Christmas season I could fill you all in on. But I won't. Or at least, I can't right now. I have a wicked posh wedding to attend this weekend.

(Hear that Mom? A CHRISTMAS wedding! It happens. People do it.)

And anyway, there's a fair amount of shaving and plucking to be done in preparation for said wedding, so I can't get into a long catch-up kind of deal here.

But I finally got someone to send me a few pictures from my Thanksgiving feast (I was distracted....also....drunk....and didn't take any of my own). And I just had to take a few minutes to share this one here.
It goes out to a special know who you are....
(See you next Friday!)

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jillybaby said...


Anonymous said...

Good one Jamie, still laughing!


Anonymous said...

Very Funny, Had a great evening, can not remember much about it, but I remember the headache the next day...Can you bring me a couple of things on Friday. First of all him.. and my cardigan...