Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Things

Thing the First: I saw the season finale of Lost last night, and great glorious God on a hot dog was it ever good! But two ancillary things:

A) Why Jack’s dad? As far as I’m concerned the back story they built up around him doesn’t nearly justify his suddenly showing up everywhere to run the show. Speaking for Jacob? Showing up to tell Michael he can go now? I mean, didn’t Charlie and Jin deserve at least that much courtesy? Though, it has occurred to me that maybe Charlie and Jin aren’t all dead (only kinda/sorta island dead) which, I guess, would account for the difference, but still…Meh—the whole ‘Jack’s dad’ element confuses and annoys me.

B) Move the island by turning a great big icy cog? Seriously? That’s the best they can come up with? After turning us around to homicidal smoke clouds, time travel, and the freely roaming dead you’d think they would have put a bit more thought into it than that. I mean, come on! Here’s my disbelief willingly--wantonly--suspended for the next hour. At the very least light a fire with your eyes and chant some ancient Polynesian verse before you turn that cog!

Otherwise—brilliant! Desmond and Penny--swoon. How sweet was that?

Oh, and C) I hope Daniel Faraday isn’t dead, cuz’ I found myself kind of liking the dude. That new Asian guy, Whatshisname, too—he’s just pretty to look at.

Thing the Second: Boy had the open house at his new school today. He met his new teachers (all 4 of them) and his classmates (all 49 of them). He even got his first lesson book with 8 math problems he’s supposed to master by the first day of school in August (hint: the answer is always 10). God was he ever cute! And so excited! And so unbelievably ready! And I was so overcome by emotion, and pride, and excitement for him that I…

Shit! What did I just do? Did I really just agree to sit on the PTA committee?

Oh hell. I really just did. Sucker!


Anonymous said...

What?!?! There's PTA in Norway? I didn't know that! I'm so glad your son likes his school and that you decided to join the group! Now you can try to drill some no-nonsense Gringo sense into those Bergensere. I'm proud of you!

jillybaby said...

PTA oh that's hillarious. What a turn around since ISB days. So, when will you start dreaming in Norsk then????????

cym said...

Thank god I am not the only Lost watcher in Norway. I cheated though, and watched it last week. Why Jack's father indeed? Where is Claire? If Mr.Friendly came back alive, why not Jin and Charlie?

On a completely different subject- do you know anyone that makes voodoo dolls? I'd like inflict pain on a few former co-workers(yep former co-workers). Know anyone who could use an English-speaking officer worker??


Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie,

I know what it is like even though it was so many years ago. Being so overcome by emotion, pride, and excitement for him, something you never forget and trust me you will experience it again in about 20 years or so (university convocation???). Who knows, maybe he will be a pharmasist as well ....!. Life is full of expected and unexpected wonders. See you soon. Love Marilyn (PS. Always had a soft spot for boys).

Queen LaTeacha said...

I'm bringing you a cute little sign attached to a cute little duck that says, "Do I Look Like A Freaking PTA Mother?"

I'm so proud of you. And he'll be thrilled. Enjoy the years that he still wants to see his mom walk in the door.