Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Promise There Is A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For What You Are About To See

Here's a summer challenge for all of ya'll while you're waiting for something more substantial to read.

A little game of Caption This Photo!

Writer of the most amusing, plausible, and/or enchanting caption gets to name my next cat. Extra credit given for entries submitted in limerick form (haiku is also acceptable, but not recommended).


jillybaby said...

ANOTHER CAT? - Do you NEVER want me to visit again? Anyway here's my feeble effort (but quite funny)...

There was a young man called Toby,
When out on a walk, he felt ropey,
He needed to poo,
So got his wife to squat too,
Now they're desperate to find something soapy!

Ok so I'm bored at work today!

Trace said...

Okay - here are two of which I cannot get extra credit:

Whenever I lose a contact lens, I also lose all control of my bladder... ay vey...

Or perhaps this:
"My eye, MY EYE! Damnit Toby! If you can't aim down, put a leash on that thing and take it for a walk - AWAY FROM ME!"

Yeah, well, they were worth a try...

Alpha Grandpa said...

How about, "Hurry and bury that, my eyes are starting to water!"

Alpha Grandpa said...

Okay, here's another try let me know if I crossed the line....

Shiting on the rocks is a sore way
even for a hard ass from Norway...
Dig yourself a hole to let the logs
then your ass won't be sore for the next day.

loe you guys

Queen LaTeacha said...

Okay, here's my contribution (it was born sometime in the wee hours of the morning today).

Now listen so we can take stock
of a lady we might have to mock.
She said, "Now it's clear
What's happening here....
I think I just peed on this rock!"

Guitar said...

The name of your kitty should to be squat.
If you want to be reminded of this picture a lot.
It looks like you are peeing,
And Toby is pooping.
But maybe you found gold for a big jackpot.

cym said...

Jeda I turn away cause yer sad,
But now that I'm a dad
We're gonna stay
In the beautiful country called Norway!
And I don't want to be kicked in the 'nad.


'Precocious child captures the essence of parent's souls' See page 12 for details

PS. I am really digging the Calamity Physics book- but enough with all the references.