Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Gory Details

It's easiest to let the pictures tell the story of the girls' birthday parties.



jillybaby said...

I would have dressed up. I AM the better friend - I WOULD HAVE DRESSED UP. I miss you guys :(

PS I even miss the kaffe og vaffler bare 20kr!

Anonymous said...

I loved those parties! Congratulations! I wish I could muster the energy to do something like that for Christian. This year we just had a cake and invited those who remembered... suddenly my parents' flat was full of whiskey-drinking adults and running children. The joys of parenthood! I wish I could have been at both your girls' parties!
Un abrazo,

Tif said...

What fun girly parties! I bet they had so much fun. By the way, could Emma be more of a "mini me" of you? Both girls are adorable. You gonna bring them to see Grandma in Utah this summer? We'll be there in July...