Friday, February 16, 2007

This Means Something. But I'm Not Sure What.

Mister managed to remember not only to come home on Valentine's Day--a significant and noteworthy occasion in its own right, but alas, a story for another day--but also to get me roses to mark the 10th anniversary of the day he proposed to me.

Yellow--the color of friendship, familiar love, and domestic happiness. Not exactly undying love and devotion, but whatever. I'll take what I can get.

This is what they looked like when I got up the next morning.

Should I be worried?


La Dragon said...

No, because roses are stupid finicky flowers with necks that droop and petals that wilt if you even breathe on them funny. (You trimmed the bottoms before you put them in the vase, right?)

Nice gesture, though. Even if they're yellow. Maybe it's a tribute to your sunshiney personality!

Jilly Baby said...

Oh Jeda this is not good. Not good at all. As you know, my grandmother is in hospital with a broken hip, yes? Well would you believe, yellow roses are her favourite flower and look what's happened to yours! Bad omen me thinks.

(But you do have a sunshiney personality too!!!)

The Alpha Grandma said...

Quitcherbitchin'!!! Ya got flowers! So they wilted....they just need an aspirin. Yellow's MY favorite color. That's why you have a sunny personality. Huh???