Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In Which Missy Engages in Independent Play

Ms. M likes to tell stories about how Sanne (age 2) likes to make her Little People talk to each other. Apparently, there's a mom with a high pitched voice and a dad with a low pitched voice, and they call each other "Darling" and tell each other to please hurry up they're late. It's all very cute and good for a laugh, but up until now I've had nothing to contribute to the hilarity, because none of my kids have ever been much for playing with by themselves.

Well, I'm happy to report that Missy now does much the same thing with her Snap n' Style Fisher Price dolls. Only the conversations go something like this:

DOLL 1: I so pretty.

DOLL 2: I pretty too.

DOLL 1: You so pretty.

DOLL 2: You pretty too.

DOLL 1: I so pretty.

DOLL 2: I pretty too.

DOLL 1: I pretty.

DOLL 2: No, I pretty.

DOLL 1: No! I pretty.


Scratching, biting, tearing off of clothes ensues.

Then she puts different clothes on them and starts all over again.

How proud am I?

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Jilly Baby said...

So pretty. We go Burger King.