Monday, January 30, 2012

Poor, Poor JEDA

This is the current long term forecast for Bergen.

I'm still so traumatized from the horrors of two winters past, that all I can think when I see a week of fine weather like that is, "Fuck. When do I have to start conserving water?" I feel like an ungrateful, privileged, 1st-world harpy when I think such things.  But I can't seem to help myself.

I remember saying to Mister during those awful waterless months, "Never again.  Never.  You will fix this well situation.  You will find us a secure source of water. You will do this before you do anything else.  Fixing the shallow well has just become number one on your to-do list!  Are we clear on that?"

And we were.  Two years ago, we were definitely in agreement on that one, crucial point.

Since then Mister has overseen and completed the following purchases/home repairs:
  • a boat
  • a paved driveway
  • an upstairs bathroom
  • a lovely, and I dare say, enviable sea-side cottage
  • another damn boat--to ferry us to and from said sea-side cottage, naturally
These things are huge.  And wonderful.  They are testimony to a watershed shift in our lifestyle that places me squarely amongst the ranks of other ungrateful, privileged, 1st-world harpies who fan their newly manicured nails whilest bemoaning the scarcity of well tailored jeans, poor us.  And I did technically approve each and every one them, so I've no business whining about it now.  But, god dammit!  I'm going to run out of water again, and I don't want to!


Mamás Todoterreno said...

Wish I could send you some water.:-) But not much down here in Spain to spare.

Gaffey Productions said...

Wish I could send you some water too - we have enough in Ireland, where it never stops raining :(

Jono said...

That must be some kind of record for Bergen for dry days in a row. Glad your back. You are, aren't you?

Tammy said...

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