Thursday, February 26, 2009


Man am I ever in a rut.

Can't seem to pull myself out of it.

Can't even blame Bergen perma-gloam as the days grow ever longer, and the sun remembers rumors of whispers of warmth it once shared during its brighter hours.

Mister cut down seven trees around our property last weekend. It's helped with the brightness, but it still depresses me to see all those felled trunks and limbs strewn about the yard. I do not approve of the indiscriminate cutting down of trees. I don't care how much bloody evening sun they're stealing. They were here first!

Things keep dying around me. The trees. The cat. The i-pod.

My i-pod, people. My i-pod. The big one. The investment piece. The mother-fucking-ship. Dead. 80 gigs DOA.

I have no way to process this loss other than the sort of short, incoherent stuttering working its way through this post.


Boy has taken up the fine art of the random rhyme--like the Great Vizzini only smaller, and with slightly less sense. Recent favorites: Hurry, hurry. Your pants are furry. And: If you have a vagina, you're going to China.

A bright spot in an otherwise bleak, existential storm of self-loathing.

I'm kidding. Mostly. It's not really as bad as all that. I'm still just not much in a writing mood. And this business of the i-pod crashing is truly disturbing. I'm indulging in a wee moment of melodrama. This too shall pass....

As a further excuse for not posting much lately--I've recently taken up knitting. More the fool, I. It's completly absorbed 80% of my free time these past three or four weeks. When I was in Scotland I got all cocky, thinking I knew something about knitting, seeing as I'd been doing it for more then ten days at that point. Plus, I had way mastered the art of the knit and the purl (that's all you really need, right?) So I found myself some pretty, moderately pricey, multi-colored wool, and a lacey shawl pattern. And there I thought I was good to go.

Any guesses on how it's gone with the shawl so far? First off Jilly--you totally LIED to me! I need twice as much yarn as you told me....Twice as much! First blow--the shawl has become yet another scarf. Probably a blessing in disguise, actually. Still, I really liked the look of that shawl......I like the look of the scarf in the picture, as well. Good thing I have the picture to admire, because mine isn't going to look anything at all like it. Whatever! My son is fat full 'a rhymes, yo. If she's sitting. She must be knitting. So I'm still a good person.

Maybe being 36 will make me happy, and once again full of fun, insightful anecdotes to share!

Check in next week to find out. But, don't hold your breath, 'kay?

P.S. I'm thinking my next few posts should be nothing but LOST LOST LOST all the time LOST, because GOD DAMN but how much do I love that show! The next time you see me it will be 1954 and I won't know who you are. We'll all speak Latin, and take turns braiding each other's hair into fetching frulein do's. Your nose will start bleeding, but I'll tell you not to worry because I secretly love you, and my i-pod is still working.....


Queen LaTeacha said...

Oh my God!!! Talk about random musings. Put your mind in neutral, girl, and coast. You do it really well.

Here's a game for you: try saying the string of random letters that pass for word verification. Tonight I'm signing off as "ugningatr". Pretty, huh?

I sent you some coffee creamer today. Happy Birthday. I went all out. But I still love you.

Trace said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet, rambling girl, one who likes to knit and purl, one who makes our lips smile amd curl, and one who I have never heard hurl.

Boy's rhymes top mine, but I tried.

Have a great birthday!

Guitar said...

Happy Birthday. We all love you..

hexe said...

So why do both Widmore and Benjaminm want everyone back on the island? And how Ben convince Hurley and Sayid to get on the plane to go back? And what happened to Claire's baby? Every week I watch I'm more confused, and yet I can't stay away.

If you figure out a way to stop the random rhyming thing, please share. We been stuck on this for way too long.

And Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until episode 7....
Lost is da bomb...check out this but there are spoilers so you are warned:

My Ipod and everyting on it vanished...and it was a major hassle to put everything back on it...I feel your pain!


Stefanie said...

Your boy's second rhyme is beyond excellent. I am incredibly honored to have read it.

OSLO said...

I'm so stupid, I can't follow LOST and I really would love to be 36 again - two things to cheer you up i.e. you're smarter and younger than me is what I'm getting at :)
And for someone not in the mood for writing, you sure as hell seem to be able to produce words. Words that make sense, I should add.