Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alternative Lifestyles

Katy Perry's annoying girl kissing song is on the radio....again....

The kids are in the back seat.  EM is singing, "I kissed a girl, and I liked iiiiiit...."

She turns to Boy and says, "You have to sing this song, Boy."


"Because you're a boy, and it's about kissing girls, " and she sings again, tauntingly, "I kissed a girl and I liked iiiiit..."

Boy responds--tauntingly, "But it's a girl singing it."

EM stops short, "Oh.  Wait.....?"

Missy perks up, "I like girls!" and startes singing--ecstatically, "I kissed a girl and I liked iiiiit!"

I'm off to Aberdeen for the weekend.  I wish it were warmer in Aberdeen than it is in Bergen.  It's not.  Jilly tells me to suck it, and come anyway.  The song is in my head now, so I might have to kiss her when I get there....


jillybaby said...

I'll be sure and wear some cherry chapstick then!

Trace said...

Funny story.

Zoe told me last night that she intends to marry Daddy. Then Logan. Then Nathan. Then Joel. Then Robbie. Then Daddy again.

Well, we are in the correct state for that type of alternate lifestyle. Eww.

OSLO said...

My kids say cherry CHOPSTICKS when they sing that song - guess they've never heard of chapstick.

I lived in Aberdeen for five years before marriage and children captivated me - was always complaining about the weather though so I know what you mean. It does have a Bergenesque quality to it. My husband's going tuesday with a shopping list that includes Cadbury's creme eggs and caramels, and Marie Claire & Grazia mags. Have a great trip.

Sam said...

that song is a little too influential, a shame hot n cold wasn't on the radio instead!