Friday, February 20, 2009

I've Got Nothing To Say--Allow Me To Throw Some Pictures At You Instead

From a recent skiing trip:
Pictures are all self-explanatory, but you are required to spend two or three extra seconds admiring the one of EM and her dad.  I made her, you know--even if she does sometimes act like she likes him best.

From Aberdeen:
In general I liked the architecture in and around Aberdeen--kind of monochrome and blah granite, but all ornate and Victorian, so pretty enough to look at. I loved these brightly colored, mosaic tiled designs that could be seen in many of the entry ways. I don't know if they're unique to Aberdeen (didn't think to ask) but they were rather wonderful, and I found myself wanting one--immediately.
You see, sometimes I do allow myself to be photographed.  Now you know why it's not very often.  I do not feel I'm aging gracefully.  Soon the folds of skin over my eyes will sag and droop so low I'll have to pierce my eyebrows and roll my eyelids up like little roller blinds just to be able to see.


Sam said...

did you happen to see the university? my cousin is there, beautiful ancient buildings!

OSLO said...

Lovely photos. The eyelid thing sounds painful though - isn't there an easier way? No, I guess not. I lived in Aberdeen for five years, and wasn't a fan of the universal greyness. Now that I'm in hibernation in a monochrome world though, it looks positively dazzling in comparison. Hubby said it was 10 degrees there last tuesday. Relatively tropical.

Anonymous said...

Encaustic tiles are very common in Victorian/Edwardian era victorian houses