Tuesday, August 12, 2008

O Danny Boy

Get your hankies ready, and remember: I paid for the full screen option, so by all means, use it; also, no free rides--you have to click the arrows to turn the pages yourself.

P.S. This one takes longer to load. I don't know why.

P.P.S. The song choice comes from two t-shirts he has. One says "Hello! My name is Trouble" the other one says "I'm Trouble. Don't make me prove it". He loves them; I think they're hysterical. His daycare teachers chided me everytime he wore them because, according to them, "He's NOT! He's just NOT! He's a little piece of wonderful is what he is." And I'm all like, "Dudes, I know! I'm pretty sure there's some real irony in there somewhere. Embrace it."

Click to play daniel
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la dragon said...

6 years old. Holy crap. Happy birthday, sweet sweet Boy!

Trace said...

Too cute and oh so sweet! happy Birthday Daniel!

Queen LaTeacha said...

I kiss every toe and every finger, one forehead, the tip of his nose, two cheeks, and then I steal a kiss on the lips while he's still distracted. One problem though....he immediately wipes them all away. Love you Daniel!

Stef said...

Tis wonderful Jeda.

Happy Birthday Daniel

Caroline said...

Ahhh - they hold our hearts in their little hands don't they. Beautiful child. Happy belated birthday D