Thursday, August 21, 2008

By The By

Let us not forget, Elder Miss started school on Monday too.

She's in the 3rd grade this year.

They spent most of that first day doing the usual: getting reacquainted, settling into their new classroom, sharpening their pencils, and admiring each other's new shoes. Apparently, their teachers somehow managed to squeeze in a mini sort of assignment thingy into that pressing agenda: the obligatory--tell us a little about your vacation, then draw us a picture of your favorite memory of the summer.

Naturally, I asked what she drew. Know what she said? Ah, you're gonna love it!

Grandma Gae falling into the lake.

Ha! You hear that Grandma? Your grace has been immortalized.


Clearly EM was a little stoned when she dressed you. Tell us, Grandma, when exactly was the last time you wore a micro-mini?

And when I asked her what the backwards question mark was supposed to mean, she said she didn't know how to spell 'whoopsy daisy'. Pfft. More like 'shitting whoops on a fucking daisy', I'd say, but I didn't disillusion her on that point.

For those of you who weren't there to witness EM's favoritest memory of the whole entire summer, here's a little taste of what you missed:

You've gotta give EM some credit for the details in that picture. The wharf and the half-painted fence are post Grandma's visit, but it's a damn fine approximation of what it looks like down there right this minute. And the table and chairs are spot on! She's even got our ugly green water pitcher in there!

Her art classes start next week. Her teacher will find her brilliant. Her classmates will be intimidated. Her portfolio will be prolific, and highly valued, maybe even in her own lifetime. But only if she learns how to do hands....


Queen LaTeacha said...

Could I be any prouder?? I think not!! Could I have been any tipsier? Again, I think not. Why can't I be remembered for my uncanny understanding of what it's like to be 8? Or my oh-so-clever interpretation of Native American voices in Kaya? Or my meatloaf?

Whatever. The picture is priceless, and she's imagining what I would look like in a micro-mini. That girl loves me!

Tif said...

Seriously, hands are really hard to draw. I generally avoid them at all costs. So there's certainly hope for an illustrious art career there!!

Anonymous said...

This was too funny!!! However, I don't think it was so for poor Grandma Gae falling into that freezing Norwegian lake. Great picture by EM. Yes, she will be a great artist someday soon...
The one thing I don't get is how & why she managed to fall down there...