Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just Call Me 'Weezie'

Cuz' I'm movin' on up, baby!

Papers have been signed. Hands have been shook.

No backing out now.

The car--so brand-spanking-2009 new it hasn't even been made yet--is on order.

We do not deserve this car. I cannot believe Mister sprang for this car. It's got leather interiors for God's sake. What is he thinking!

He's actually a little white knuckled and pale this evening. He may be experiencing a wee bit of buyer's remorse.

I wasn't with him when he went in to finalize the deal, so for my part I just keep asking him things like, "So will it have the rain sensor?"


"The rear parking sensor, will it have that?"


"And that automatic parallel parking thingy. Will it have that?"

"Yes, dear, it will have everything we talked about."

"How about gps navigation? Will it have that?"


"Dual climate control? Cuz' you know how you always whine about air conditioning. It would be so nice to be able to have different tempura...."

"Got it."

"And you really got the leather seats? Cuz' that was quite a bit extra...."

"Two-toned even."

"What did you decide about the trailor hitch?"

"Got it."

"Will it play my iPod."

"Honey, it will do everything."

"But will it bring you a cold beer and give you a blow job?"

"No, dear. Even the Germans haven't figured out a way to make a car do that."

"But you think you deserve it. Don't you?"



Queen LaTeacha said...

Oh, I'm SO excited for you!!
What will your neighbors and friends think? That you've robbed a bank? Received an inheritance? Made a deal with the CIA to spy on those sneaky oil-rich Wegies? They'll be talking about you in 4 languages for God's sake! Cool beans!!!!!

Guitar said...

Wow!!! Your so cool. The car is beautiful, and you guy's deserve it. Remember, Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth. Keep it look'n good, until I can see it...FIX YOUR DRIVEWAY...

Trace said...

It is so about time for you to get a new car, much less a completely loaded and over the top one!!! It sounds amazing! We have never owned, nor even seen anything out here that does any of that except for the gps thing - those are really cool. We borrowed a friend's gps last year to drive to Kentucky and due to the road construction, had we not had it, we would have had such a hard time getting there.

It's like Pretty Woman, from pinned up boots to Rodeo Drive, and I am so happy Torb finally came around! You deserve and need to feel safe and secure with the kids - that is foremost to me when I am driving, so I am glad mine has rear side airbags. As for Chad, his old Cherokee sounds like we are murdering a family of cats each time he starts it up until he clears our street.

Oh - I know you like cats - sorry for the death illustration and we are just SO happy for you!