Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is terribly silly, and hopelessly sentimental. But I get that way--kind of, sort of, a little bit--around the kids' birthdays.


Just click play, and deal with it. Oh, and by all means, click on the full screen link when you see it. It helps.

Edited to add: Mark's Jenn's Oldest Younger Sister makes a valid point--you have to turn the pages yourself people. Point and click, point and click.

Also, you'll be singing that stupid song all day. You're welcome.

Click to play
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Anonymous said...

Yeah... took me about two runs through the song to figure out I had to turn the pages myself... I swear, Jenn got most of the common sense in the family.

-Mark's Jenn's Oldest Younger Sister.

Anonymous said...

I loved the album! What a sweet girl Missy has always been. Still on a festive note, please check this out:
Senator Clinton sure knows a good beer!
Big hug,

jillybaby said...

PAH. Our company firewall won't let me view it and our home broadband is down until the middle of next week. Boohoo.

Happy birthday to Missy...or is it EM first?

Alpha Grandpa said...

I guess it goes without saying that thia is one of the cutest grandkids in the universe. Happy birthday dear Amanda. Can we expect the same for Emma tomorrow?
We love you guys

Queen LaTeacha said...

Ohhhhhhh.....I'm wiping tears away! What a cutie. Does she remember the cast on her leg? That was an adventure, wasn't it? I could've stood to see about 10 more pages of pics.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little Missy!! Hugs and kisses from your namesake.

Trace said...

So that is really, really cute!
It is good I am reading this AFTER I put Zoe down or we WOULD be hearing that cute song over and over and over...
Happy Birthday to you Missy!
Cute boots and such coming soon!