Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Legs, Meet Hills. Hills, Meet The Relentless Churning Power Of My Mighty Hams.

I recently added hills to my running regimen. Gruesome, but oh. so. satisfying.

If you had told me even just this past Christmas that, come May, I'd be running up the mountain roads I've been running these past two weeks, I'd have listened politely with mock-stern interest, then I'd have had you burned as a heretic.

I freely admit to occasionally underestimating myself and my modest potential.

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The Partial Godfather said...

Never in all my years would I have expected to hear of you trail running. I can remember hiking the trails here and seeing a scantly clad couple jogging up past me. Ever time as they pass I mumble to myself “Fucking Idiot!”
I am glad to hear you are back to running. Good for you!