Monday, May 21, 2007

Role Play

"Oh, isn't that a splendid idea!"

"What did you just say, Boy?"

"It's such a splendid idea!" This time clapping his hands and hugging them in to his heart for added emphasis.

"Seriously, Boy. That's weird. Why are you saying that?"

"It's something I just say when I'm being a girl."


The Pie's said...

Funny. Mine is constantly trying to put on my bra. He also loves make-up. Love your blog.

Jilly Baby said...

Absolutely jolly spiffing and soooooper eh what! How about some croquet on the lawn followed by Pimms and lemon???

the alpha grandma said...

But....but....but..wait a minute. Why is he playing at being a girl??
Tell him to stop it right now. It's kinda cute though that he says "splendid".

alpha grandpa said...

I think splendid is a splendid word, maybe he gets it from me