Friday, May 04, 2007

The Non Sequitur As Art

Boy, who did you play with at school today?

Andreas. But he thinks all dinosaurs are mean. But they're not. Because I know that some T rexes are nice. But not the ones with the angry eyes. They're mean. Because Axel is a little bit naughty. But I like to wear my blue socks to bed.

Boy, have you brushed your teeth yet?

Yup. Daddy helped me. But he used the green toothpaste. I like the green toothpaste. But the blue one has stars in it. Missy likes the stars. I like the stars too. But I ate oranges for lunch.

Boy, do you need to go to the bathroom before we leave?


When did you last go?

Just when I was just upstairs. And I lifted up the lid. And it was soooo heavy. But I'm strong. And big. But Lightning DeQueen is a boy. Not a girl. So he's a king. Not a queen. You're a queen. But I don't like Woody.

Oh no, Boy! Look at the size of that bruise. That must have hurt. How did you do that?

But I have to poop.

Boy! For the last time, GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS!

But the sun makes my head hurt.

Boy, did you eat all your lunch today?

I did. But first I make the bread that is together into two. Then I eat all of the peanut butter. Then I make the ends in a line and I eat them too. But Andreas likes my dinosaur lunch box. Andreas is bigger than me. But he's still my friend. But Eefin is bigger than Finn because he is my cousin.

And your milk, Boy. Did you drink your milk?

No. I'm a little bit afraid crocodiles.


Honest to God, this is why I drink.


La Dragon said...


The Alpha Grandma said...

How does he ever get to sleep at night with so much disorganization going on in his head? On the other hand, isn't it sweet how he share EVERYTHING with you?

Anonymous said...

Grace said...

This cracked me up. It reminded me of when I worked with seniors who had dementia and it felt at time that I was the one on drugs and not them! Thanks for the smile!