Friday, May 25, 2007

Hope Chest

I spent several hours this morning sorting through the kids' toys. It's time. There's 7 years worth of accumulated plastic crap up there.

Most of it I put in a box marked "Salvation Army". But some of it--the nice wooden stuff, the stuff that won't age--I put in another box destined for the attic.

This year my kids will be 7, 5, and 3. Today I put a stash of toys away for my grandkids.

Jesus. What a leap of faith.

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the alpha grandma said...

And I just went through a closet and carefully folded for storage my baby's baby quilts. Those would be YOUR baby quilts. Who am I saving them for? My great-grandkids? Now there's a leap of faith. I'm figuring I won't even be the one to unpackage them.

And so it goes.....the wheel of time.....makes you feel part of something larger than yourself huh?