Friday, May 05, 2006

See Ya', Wouldn't Wanna Be 'Ya

Leaving for Newcastle this evening for a girlie weekend away with Michelle and Jilly. Looking forward to it. Mister has decided to stay home with the kids rather than run home to his sainted mother for the weekend. I'm feeling inexplicably smug and happy about this fact. It will mark the first time he's been fully alone with the three darlings for more than an evening.  Thus his first real glimpse into the endless stream of whining and triviality that is my life. I rather doubt the lesson will make much of an impression on him--he's hopelessly dense to such nuance--but I have my fingers crossed for a tantrum or four, scrapped knees, lost lovies, and maybe a wee bout of diarrhea...all at once...just to give him a bit of a challenge.

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