Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So Much For Summer

Let's skip the small talk. Shall we?

Yes, it's been a while.

No, I haven't posted much.

Yes, my consistency leaves a great deal to be desired.

Actually, yeah, I do feel a little guilty about that.

Moving on.  Missy started school today!

She was more nervous that she'd have you believe. But also more ready than she knew.
There was a heady shuffling of goods, mutual ahhhhs of admiration, and one stomped foot of jealousy as the girls showed off all their new school supplies to one another.
One of her new teachers helps her with the big clips on her backpack.  Course...she'll fall over backwards if they ever decide to put any actual books in the silly thing.  Nevermind how securely fastened it is around her waist.
"Soooo, how you doin'?"
Boys are already putting the moves on her.
She's already looking decidedly unimpressed.
Good girl.
All kitted out, and ready to get serious.  Tomorrow she has to navigate the bus system....


tracy said...

This summer HAS really flown by... Love the photos!

Nita said...

Love the hat