Saturday, December 26, 2009

Clever, Clever Farfar

I'm sure I've already mentioned what an incredibly handy family I married into. Indeed, my house would be a far, far humbler affair if it hadn't been for the generous time and talent of my father-in-law. So I knew he'd be able to handle a Christmas order for some sort of storage device for the 12,892 LEGO pieces that have accumulated upstairs.

This was the first present of Christmas, delivered early Christmas Eve.

How perfect is that? I love it. No boxes to open. No lids to be shoved under the sofa. Everything just right there in orderly, color coded compartments where they need it.

Already near full, though. And this was before Boy opened the five--count 'em--FIVE giant LEGO sets he got for Christmas.

Undaunted, Farfar* is already planning a way to rig a second story to the thing. The bottom level will have wheels and roll out for convenience and easy storage.

Again I say--clever, clever Farfar.


So Christmas has come and gone already. We've had a mostly quiet and stress-free couple of days. I made the kids get out of their pajamas before they came to dinner last night. Today I was slightly more strict with them; around 4 p.m. I started nagging them about getting dressed. That's the level of quiet we're talking. Pretty much what Christmas should be. Right?

For those who are keeping score: I was right about the shiney new computer. Yey me!

I hope everyone had a very Merry, equally Chilled, and soggily Unsober Christmas.

Much love,
The JEDA's

*Farfar--for those of you who didn't already know--means father's father. Paternal grandfather, to get all technical about it.


Corinne said...

Handy! I love all the handmade carpentry you see around Norway. Way to knock that one out of the park, farfar!

Queen LaTeacha said...

He is a clever man! And I'll bet he loved that he could do that for the kids. We missed you all, but it sounds like you had a good holiday.

Amy said...

Cute Christmas pictures!

I need one of those Lego organziers. I find those damn things in the oddest places around the house...