Monday, December 21, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

I always find myself bitching this time of year about the decided lack of white in the Bergen Christmas. Nor do I bitch alone. The entire city takes note, and grumbles accordingly.

Gray, rain, drizzle, gloam, gloam, gloam.

Two white Christmases in fifteen years. Two. And one of those was more a hoary dusting than a legitimate blanket.  The other one, I was in the States.  Hardly counts.

Apparently, though, the Gods have been listening. "Snow?" they said, "You want snow for Christmas? Fine. We'll give you your precious snow! Take THAT whiney mortals! And THAT! And THAT! And some gale force winds to go with it! You'll take it, and you'll take it all in one day. You'll like it too, because it is our benevolent gift to you. Merry fucking Christmas."

We went from the mildest November and early December in decades, to the coldest day in December like ever, to half a meter of snow.  And all this delightful change occurred in less than a week.

It took me four hours to clear the stairs, a narrow path on the drive up to the road, and a small patch just large enough to park the car. Four hours.

Did I have a snow shovel? No.

We rarely get more than six, seven, eight centimeters of snow fall at the most. So, for the most part, I make do with a broom to clear the stairs. A snow shovel has just never been very high on my list of priority purchases. 

Consider it priority number one this cold, white, winter's morn.


tracy said...

That snow looks so pretty around your place! Since you get snow so rarely, do they even sell snow shovels? We have an extra if you need me to run it on over to you - smile - wish we could!

American in Norway said...

I know it is a pain in the butt...but it sure is pretty. We have about an inch on the ground..

Queen LaTeacha said...

"Let it snow...Let it snow....Let it snow". Are you singing yet? I think it's gorgeous, but I can't imagine what it must be like to negotiate that windy little road to your house. Under the best of circumstances, it's not always easy to make way for a car coming in the other direction. What do you do with that much snow on the road? Some of those drop-offs are wicked! Still and all, it's beautiful and worth 4 hrs. of your time! "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

la Dragon said...

Agreeing with QLT...and jealous. We had a white Christmas here last year (as equally rare an event as in our fine sister city of Bergen) and it was glorious. Sucks about the lack of shovel, of course.