Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm thinking of starting a new blog, or at least a new sub-section of this blog, entitled:

Stupid Shit My Cat Does That Makes Me Wonder If Dogs Aren't The Way To Go Afterall

#1--Deftly impales tail with own expertly honed claw.


She may look all growed up an' all, but she's still got plenty of kitten in her, right? So every morning while I'm getting dressed, she bounces all over my bed chasing lint, shadows, and, mostly notably, her own tail. It's cute. A light-hearted little romp to start off both our mornings.

This morning, however, when I sat down at the foot of the bed to pull on my socks, I hear a plaintive, squeaky little mrrrrrroooouuuuuuu coming from behind me. I jump up quick thinking for sure I must have sat on a paw or her tail maybe, but instead I see her lying on her side curled into a fetal position with her tail over one shoulder and both paws buried somewhere between her back legs.

"The hell, cat?" I ask, thinking maybe she's got something reasonable to say for herself and her ridiculous position.

"Mrrrrrrrroooooouuuuuuuuuu," she pleads, sounding a little indignant that I would take the time to discuss the matter when she's obviously experiencing some considerable amount of discomfort here.

I reach over to unwind her, and discover that she's got not one, but two claws so deeply imbedded in her tail that she can't retract them to free herself.


Obviously, I didn't say it out loud, or anything like that, but you can be sure I was thinking it.


Anonymous said...

And to think you spent a fortune on her....Guess brains weren't included in the price? You should get some money refunded.

More pics of the cat, paw-leeze!

Queen LaTeacha said...

Funny, funny kitty. Stupid, stupid cat!! I like your new page.
I'm still waiting for a good picture of the princess costume. But no pressure. I'm just sayin'....

tracy said...

Cats are so funny! Mine had multiple personality disorder, or at least Chad diagnosed her as having it.

Love your cute new header, too.