Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pardon My Absensence

The problem, see, is one of alone time.

That is to say, it's summer, and I have none.

I had this great idea to disclose the particulars of our Disneyland extravaganza by parodying the absurdly long and involved online survey I was asked to complete after our visit. I'm sure as certain it would have been great--brilliant--an honest to God comedic homerun--if only I'd had 10 minutes to myself to compose the damn thing.

Alas. It's summer, and there are swimming pools to visit.

We spent a whole week in southern California, visited 5 theme parks, and met with family we haven't seen for over two years. There's plenty to say about all that. I took pictures even.

Alas. It's summer, and Mister has taken time off for some hard-core family bonding...plus fishing...okay, maybe slightly more fishing than family bonding...which means (for me) more swimming pools...because what the hell else is there to do in a desert in the summer? Lately, there's been some internal debate as to whether the Salt Lake valley constitutes a genuine desert. Me, I'm dubious, but it's 100 degress out there and if that ain't desert, the kids just don't know what is....So next year maybe we ship 'em off to Phoenix...and I finally get some alone time...

We'll be home the second week of August. I'd like to say I'll be able to resume normal posting then, but school doesn't start until the 17th, so no promises until then, 'kay?

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