Sunday, May 31, 2009

And Then It Was This One's Turn

She's 9 now. And she really doesn't give a shit what her hair looks like, alright. So don't even ask her to comb it or something. She'll only sneer at you, and tell you to take the god damn picture already!

But look! She's smiling!

For those of you who were so concerned about how serious she looked on 17. mai: rest assured, she does smile.  All it takes is a pile of presents, and certain knowledge that the one she's holding is the Pokeman game she's been hinting at ever since the missing Nintendo DS resurfaced.

Her party was loud and largely uneventful.  She got 350 more kroner towards replacing the ipod she lost earlier this spring.  That makes just over 600 kroner she's saved up now--over half of the total price she needs.  I'm inclined to help her out with the rest of it, so she'll have it to listen to on the plane trip home to Salt Lake in a few weeks.  Mister is being a hard ass, though. 

Sorry, Baby Girl.  Not my fault.....this time.....

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