Thursday, May 28, 2009

Somebody Had A Birthday Today

When I asked her who she'd like to invite to her birthday party she said, "Andreas. And my friends. But NOT the babies. I hate the babies."

"Okay. So what about Victoria?"

"Ummmm, no."

"Okay. What about Mariel?"

"She's a baby."

"Oh. I thought you liked to play with her."

"Sometimes. But she's a baby."

"Oh. Okay. Well, what about Charlotte?"

"Diaper baby."

"Who do you play with at barnehage Missy?"

"Andreas. And sometimes Victoria and Mariel."

"But you don't want them to come to your birthday party?"

"Just Andreas."


"I don't like babies, Mom."


In the end, we (or rather, I) decided not to bother with a party. We had this conversation at least a dozen different times over the past month. Sometimes she wanted Victoria but not Mariel. Sometimes she wanted Mariel but only grudgingly allowed for Victoria. Andreas was the only constant; I wasn't about to throw a party just for Missy and Andreas.

I know weird when my own flesh and blood trips gaily upon it. And this is it. I mean, I know for a fact that Missy likes, or at least plays happily with these girls everyday. Yet, somehow they're not her 'friends'. Her 'friends' are the older girls who toted her around like a designer handbag last year. The ones who moved on to 1st grade. I'm not sure how they would have felt about being invited to a 'baby' birthday party. I'm not sure how they felt about it last year. They came, but they hardly seemed to enjoy themselves. Missy's party last year was a bit of a flop, and I wasn't exacly keen to try again this year, especially with her being so cagey about the guest list. So we (or rather, I) simply didn't.

She didn't seem to mind over much. It was a busy day. She got to open her presents first thing this morning. Then she went to barnehage where they ate the chocolate cake and cookies that I slaved over all day yesterday. This afternoon was the opening of Elder Miss's art show (more on that tomorrow) so we were in town all afternoon and evening. Farmor came, both for the art show and Missy's birthday. We went out for pizza. She got ice cream after dinner. Then she came home and had a temper tantrum because it was way past bedtime and I wouldn't let her stay up to play with her new toys.

We may yet have to deal with her wrath over being denied a party. Sunday is Elder Miss's birthday, and she's got a big bbq bash planned. When Missy is confronted with all of EM's friends showing up at the house in their pretty party frocks, she may yet go, "Hey, wait just a God Damn minute here!...."

Seriously, Little Miss, it doesn't mean I love you any less. I just can't fucking figure you out!

Happy Birthday, Lovie!
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Queen LaTeacha said...

Such a cute picture! We WILL be having a party here in Zion dontchaknow. Did she get our card? I don't want her to think we ignored her special day. Please to explain for me, Mom!

trace said...

Love that cute picute of her and that beautiful hair...

I am giving ALL the nieces their birthday presents when we see one another so very soon... can't wait!

I really look forward to hearing about Elder's art show too!

St. Paul Sister said...

Never left a comment before but a long time blog follower of yours courtesy of a mutual friend in SLC and as a 2nd generation Norwegian-American I TOTALLY get it.

Okay, my point: I just want to tell you that your photography is BEAUTIFUL!!! Are you going to do this professionally?? Just beautiful.

I laugh my ass of at many of your posts. Keep telling it like it is for those of us who are too chicken-sh(% to do so :) !!

JEDA said...

Aw St. Paul Sister, you flatter, I mean it...I'm blushing. The pictures I post are a product of pure luck. I assure you, there is no skill involved whatsoever. Plus, my kids are crazy cute and photogenic (lucky little shits), so that helps too.

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment. Tell your mutual friend in SLC I said hey. Do I know your mutual friend? I must. I know like EVERYBODY in SLC. Well, except the Mormons...I know most of them, but they of course pretend not to know me or whatever....So childish, I mean...really...

I figure I can say pretty much anything I want here because no one's going to go backwards to actually read the comment to a comment on an old post.