Monday, March 23, 2009

I think--but I can't be certain--but pretty darn tuttin' anyway--that this is our new puddy tat: the one lying face up....
There was some sort of trouble with the delivery, and sadly, they lost three of the five kittens the kitty mama was carrying. These two were delivered via kitty cesarean just over a week ago. I thought for sure that the fact that there were only two live kittens meant that we wouldn't be getting one. But apparently some potential buyers are only interested in solid blues, and we were high enough up there on the list that we get one of them! Yey us!

The reason I'm not 100% certain that this one is ours is Mister couldn't quite remember if the breeder said "the one with the least amount of white" or "the one with the most amount of white".  He was pretty sure it was least, but...well....we'll see....

Honestly I'm not overly fussed which one it is.  I think they're both cute.

I miss Puss.  Miss him hard.  I still instinctively look for him on Boy's bed, or his favorite spot on the sofa.  And I still reflexively close the guestroom door when I've laid sweaters out on the bed to dry because he was a daft bugger, and used to insist on sleeping on my wet laundry.  I miss him most when I come home and he's not waiting for me in the entryway.  How did he always know I was on my way?

Sigh wistfully, and move on. 

New kitty!  Yey!

Speaking of moving on, people keep asking me, ever so cautiously, " and EM....Is she?  Are you?  Are we friends again?"

Yes, people.  We're friends again.  Of course, one never fully forgives the careless loss of an ipod, but one does eventually take a deep breath and let it go.  I let it go pretty much as soon as I realized that she had.  It's a little silly to continue stomping about huffing, and puffing, and snipping at toes when all I get in return is a blank stare and a tired, "Geez Mom, whad I do this time?"

No futher punitive action was taken, but I have rather been enjoying refusing to let her listen to anything on my ipod.  I'm wicked petty that way.


Trace, said...

Zoe came in as I was looking at your post, and she would like you to just "pop over and drop off" the other kitten for her. On her globe, Norway is ONLY eight inches away, after all.

Purest Green said...

I remember when I was young we didn't even have ipods! We had to tape things off the radio!

Cute kittens.
Just wandered onto your blog. Tugs me right along - good fun.