Monday, March 16, 2009


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I let Boy watch The Pirates of the Caribbean over the weekend. All three movies.

He's been drawing giant, homicidal krakens ever since.

One wonders where Boy imagines all those poor, dead seamen will be buried...


Trace said...

Oh man, did I need a good laugh tonight! That rendition is awesome! I love your little boy and his mind!

Natasha said...

I absolutely LOVE this.

Doug Heckman said...

My wife, son and I will soon be moving to Bergen, and I've enjoyed seeing a bit of what Bergen life may be like on your site. Hopefully our 6 six years in Seattle prepped us adequately for the Bergen rain. And I do hope this monster that one of your children created will stay far away. My wife received a Fulbright at the university, and we're very excited to be heading over in late-July. We'd love some hints/advice on finding an apt or home. I can't find a site in English... Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
Doug Heckman