Monday, December 31, 2007

Sick Leave

My apologies for not checking in sooner.

I've been sick. Very sick. Sicker than sick. Miserable, awful, dreadful sick.

I admit it. I didn't give any of you much of any thought at all in the midst of my malaise. Except my mommy. I thought a lot about her. Where was she? Didn't she care how wretchedly I suffered? Didn't she love me anymore? Why doesn't she come? Why am I ALL ALONE? MOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!

The terrible head cold that I had going into Christmas Eve turned into a general infection of nearly everything: ears, nose, chest, throat, mind, and spirit. I swear to God, I didn't know my face could hurt that bad and not explode. It just didn't seem physiologically possible.

Anyway, this is my 4th day of antibiotics, and I'm feeling better. Not ready to run a marathon better, but willing to brush my teeth and put some clean underwear on better. It's a start.

Mister gathered up the kids and took them off to his mother's on Friday. I've been convalescing alone since then. I watched both seasons 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy in their entirty in just three days. It was a little much, I must admit, even for me. I couldn't even bring myself to cry when Denny died. Am I the only one who thinks it's a little implausible that Izzy didn't do any jail time for what she did, let alone that she was eventually allowed to practice medicine again? It's just silly. Honestly.


Apparently I'm still a little weak and distracted. I can't seem to pull coherent thoughts together. And my ears don't work properly. Makes me feel a little clausterphobic, actually. I still want my mommy. And the antibiotics have fucked up my stomach. Soon they will fuck up my cooter....and not in the good way......(that one was for you Dad, try not to visualize)

I have to go. A taxi is picking me up in an hour to take me to the ferry. I'm going to Rosendal to spend New Year's with my family.

I have a thing for ferry boats.

No I don't.

But I know a guy who does......

Happy New Year's everyone. Hope you all feel better than I do.


The Alpha Grandma said...

I'll tell you where you Mommy is. She's in the country of your birth where she belongs! The real question is WHAT ARE YOU DOING HALF-WAY AROUND THE WORLD??? I'd have taken care of your kids. I'd have taken care of you. I'd have made chicken soup for you. I'd have watched Grey's Anatomy with you. But NO, you have to emigrate to the fucking frozen North.

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better and able to join the other Weegies for New Years.

I'm still going to buy you a Neti pot!

Your loving, caring, distant mommy

skinny bitch's mom said...

What alpha grandma said, ME TOO!!!

Your loving, caring, distant Auntie Linda

Jilly Baby said...

Weegies are people from Glasgow ie ME. Short for Glaswegians!!! Us 'Weegies' missed you at Hogmanay JEDA, you said you would come, but no, you have to come down with flu. Pants totally pants.

I do hope you're feeling better though. I was, myself, very sick, very very sick. Alan said it was something to do with the half bottle of Morgans Spiced rum I drank but I'm not so sure. Although curiously I am feeling better after a few gallons of water and a good night's slepp. Hmmm

Alpha Grandpa said...

Hey remember the time you were sick in my basement and I finally came down to see about you after you'd trown up your total insides.
I'll say the same thing now that I said then, you okay?
Love you babe

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Jamie:
I'm glad to hear you're feeling better from your cold. So there are no flu shots in Norway, eh?
I'm glad your kids had a lovely time. Have a great 2008!
A big hug,

GUITAR said...

Your Mommy is a sick girl too. She started with a bad cold, but now it all-out-throw-up-flu. She wants you here to take care of her.