Monday, December 03, 2007


I'm already regretting having suggested this Christmas picture deal. It's not like I'm a good enough photographer to pull it off with any sort of panache. But I wanted to show this one off anyway. It's the kids' advent calendar. I bought the 24 velvet bags from IKEA last year, spent Friday night filling them and sewing the gold ornaments on, and am ever so pleased with the results now. I make them share one calendar--a crime of parsimony so despicable my sisters-in-law are still talking about it like I cancelled Christmas altogether--so each kid gets to open a bag every third day and will receive 8 presents total. That's more than enough, if you ask me. And EM has only spent 10 or 12 hours total whining about it since Saturday, so I think she's coming around to the idea too. Especially since she realized that she gets to open the last present on Christmas Eve this year. Shhhhh! It's a red watch with slutty silver studs on the arm band. She's going to love it.


la dragon said...

You give your kids PRESENTS for Advent? Sheesh. When I was a kid, we just had the calendar with a little picture for each day... and we LIKED it, by gum! Anyway that's what I'm foisting on my wee ones this year and they seem plenty delighted by it all. So give yourself a break already.

I like the daily post/daily photo idea. But go back to your regular JEDA font, please? I don't know who this stranger is behind the slanty green one.

The Alpha Grandma said...

Hey, I was there when you bought those bags for the Advent calendar. I'm sure glad I paid $40 a piece plus shipping for 3 (count 'em THREE) red-wooden-cute-little-hinged-door cabinets for Advent. No, really, I get it. No pressure to use the crap that grandma sends. Lovely velvet bags are a much better idea.

I LIKE the slanty green font. It's festive and Christmasy. You go, girl.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Jamie! I'm so impressed with the way the Christmas spirit permeates you home. We haven't even put up the tree. Advent calendar? I'm more worried about paying for the Hannukah costume Christian has to wear for the school's paegant... Merry Christmas my dear, I'm glad to hear that "det går mot lysere tider"... Kisses, Claudita