Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cough Into The Uncomfortable Silence

Here's a list of topics I've recently considered writing about, but ultimately rejected for one reason or another:
  1. My son's growing fascination with his foreskin
  2. The swanky, faux suede chair I've ordered in burnt sienna for the living room--delivery date: Thanksgiving-ish, because it's just that damn hard to make a decent chair these days
  3. Bush's incompetence
  4. Some steamy fan fiction involving a three-way between myself, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert
  5. A 4th child, because my friend Michelle is all fertile and shit
  6. Nursing school
  7. The identity of the anonymous commenter who insinuated that I might be actually a very nice mother (I blush.....)
Interesting and worthy topics all, but...meh.

I'd rather sink my teeth into something I'm sure my rapt readership really wants to hear. Plus also, some comments would be nice (insert cheeky emoticom here).


Jilly Baby said...

Ok here's some ideas to get your brain juices flowing...

1. Postman Pat: Gay or Straight...discuss

2. Sausages do not exist in Norway because...

3. Disneyland Paris or Disneyland California?

The Alpha Grandma said...

Well.....I think you should wax eloquent about something really esoteric like .....mmmm.....what to do when one of your children displays a trait you don't particularly like.....or Mormon christianity vs. Biblical christianity.....or better yet...capital punishment and society's responsibility to rehabilitate and house criminals.
Oh, but I love hear your thoughts!

A. N. la D. said...

I need to hear more about hypothetical (?) items 5 and 6 on your list...