Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This turned out to be so much fun, I could almost forgive the repeat of last winter's bitterly cold draught.

Here's how we spent our weekend:

In the 14 years we've lived in this house, the lake has frozen this way--thick and smooth enough for ice skating--only twice. So this was a real treat.  We were skiing all over it last winter, but the deep freeze didn't come until after the snow last year, so it was never fit for skating.

I did a fair amount of skating as a kid. Most of it of the 'roller' variety, but the mechanics are essentially the same.  But there was plenty of ice skating too.  I remember spending many a happy winter afternoon ice skating at the dingy little rink in Murray Park.  The place smelled like damp socks, and the fries they served were always soggy and over salted, but I liked it.  I think I even took some lessons there at one point. But my childhood recall button is notoriously faulty, so I could be wrong.  Still, I swear I remember some sort of skills test, or something...I did well...lady said I was in the wrong class...

Meh, unimportant.  The point is--I liked skating.  It's kind of what I remember doing most during my outside off time.  And I've never quite understood why my girls aren't spending their youth similarly occupied.

It took me some time to trust the ice.  Despite all my youthful skating, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've done it on a lake like this.  There's a good 20 cm of solid ice out there, but it's a bit creepy to stare down through all the cracks and air bubbles frozen in place.  Plus, it shifts and crackles sometimes as you move over it.  Shudder.  But once I got used to it, and my feet and legs started to remember how to move in skates, I had a grand old time.

So did the kids. 

Not to mention Toblerone.  Whose ass, by the by, I squarely kick in the skating department.

It snowed a little Saturday night, so on Sunday the kids got to make the obligatory snow-angels on the ice.

Untold liters of hot cocoa and marshmallow fluff were sacrificed in the making of this blog post.  The writer is unrepentant.


Corinne said...

I did a lot of roller blading as a kid. Now, I know the mechanics and all that are similar, but I swear wiping out ass/head first on the ice hurts a hell of a lot more than asphalt.

Maybe that childhood memory filter thing affects us all.

la dragon said...

Where's the "like" button on this thing?

Jilly Baby said...


tracy said...

Oh I love it! Love every awesome picture, too! But above all else, is the expression on Amanda's face in the first photo... I adore it and I keep returning to it to smile over and over again.

Jessica said...

Im with Corinne, I used to love roller skating (til I broke my wrist) but ice skating is a whole nother beast somehow.

JEDA said...

Corrine, Jessica--All due respect, Ladies, I think you're both nuts!

I mean, the physics of it! A large, ungainly object in motion on ice, will STAY in motion on ice whether it's on its feet or its ass. Frictionless surface, and all that. Concrete hates you, and will stop you cold. Tear your skin to shit. Or break your wrist.

No, no. I'll take ice skating over roller blading any day.

LG Studio + Sugar Pop said...

SO cool! I've only seen snow once if you can believe that! But this looks wonderful + fun!