Sunday, November 07, 2010

Girlie Interlude II

"I sink we should say 'drowning' instead of 'sinking'. And we should use 'guessing' instead of 'sinking'.  That way there won't be any mix-ups."

Tangentally--the punch-line of one of Mister's favorite lame jokes goes something like this:  "Mayday! Mayday! We are sinking!"  Nearby German ship responds, "Yes, vee are sinking of you too!" 

He tells this joke almost daily now as Amanda continues to say "sssss" instead of "thhhhhhh". 

I sink she knows perfectly well how it's upost to be pronounced. She's only persisting to piss him off. 

She's evil that way.

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One Hopeful Melody said...

No worries. She'll snap out of it. :) I Said Aww instead of R for YEARS. My mother despaired of me ever getting it right without speech therapy. Then, one day, I came back from playing at the "pawwk" across the street and asked for a "R"ockabye in the "R"ocking chair. Clear as a bell.