Monday, June 07, 2010

Schools Still On Strike

In the meantime--eye candy!

From Missy's birthday party.  This is her very bestest friend.  They were together when they got their ears pierced.

It was a smallish party.  Just the kids from her age group at barnehage.  All the boys ended up with Boy and his Lego.  All the girls ended up in the kitchen with the Playdough.  None of them much liked my cake.  One boy asked for two pieces, but only because he wanted to lick the frosting off of both of them.

From Elder Miss's birthday breakfast.  In 10 years it's never rained on her birthday.  Born under a lucky star, this one...

Later that afternoon, she had a bowling party for all of her friends.  They're all 10 now, but they all still squeal like mad harpies when they get together in a large pack like this.  When do they outgrow the squealling?

The birthdays were two weekends ago.  Last weekend Em had a dance recital at one of the malls in the center of town.

She was awesome.

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Queen LaTeacha said...

gEm looks so grown up! Wish I could've been there. Soon, soon.
She WILL dance for me when I get there won't she? Both birthdays look like fun.