Monday, October 06, 2008

And Then Brigham Young Rolled Over In His Grave

Last week's blogging break was brought to you by:


Week-long, school-free family 'enrichment', shredding parents' last nerve since the fall of frigging Man.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

* * * *
EM: George Washington was the founding father of America.

Boy: So?

EM: George Washington was the first president of America.

Boy: Of Grandma?

EM: No. Grandma wasn't borned yet. Not even Grandpa.

Boy: George Washington was Grandpa's father?

EM: No! America's father!

Boy: Did he have a gun?

EM: Of course. There was a war. An indepennant war.

Boy: Why didn't he have a mustache?

EM: Because he was America's founding father.

Boy: What did he find?

EM: Utah!


Trace said...


Too cute! I love how his mind trails onto plains that we only wish we could travel to... are you spiking his beverages? :)

It reminds me of working for years with sweet seniors who had retainable information holds for only about 5 to 10 seconds:
"I'm diabetic, what about you?"
"I'm Catholic."

Good memories.

jillybaby said...

God Bless America! Can I still come for thanksgiving? I can pretend to be american even though pumpkin pie sucks (but your apple pie rocks).

JEDA said...

Pumpkin pie does not suck.

Yes, you may still come.

All you pumpkin pie haters out there (I'm looking at YOU Rerrahbnnnnnan and Patpat) need to bite my weenie. I'm giving up on pumpkin pie this year *sniff*. You'll be getting apple--JUST APPLE! I'm making pecan too, but ya'll can't touch it because it's MINE!!!

Gonna be a big party this year--Geir's coming, and M too maybe...

Can I send the kids to you Mom?

Queen LaTeacha said...

Oh, please DO send the kids to me! We're having a big to-do as well. The problem with sending them is that the American economy seems to be tanking even as we speak, and no one will have enough money to return them to hoo for you!

Guitar said...

Your Pies are the best. You can serve me any of them, and all I'd do is ask more. You are the pie Queen of Norway.

Anonymous said...

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