Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Could Have Just Belted Him and Sent Him To His Room, But That Would Be Too Easy

"Mom, I spilled some spaghetti."

"Oh good, Boy! That's just great. Because, you know, I spent the whole afternoon cleaning, and the floors were so spotless and shiny. And I know how none of you feel very comfortable or at ease when the house is actually clean, so it's just as well, really, that it only took 30 minutes for someone to spill something. Now everyone can just go ahead and feel right at home. Brilliant! No, seriously. That's just great!"

He stares at me blankly. Squints a bit, then chews his lip as he reexamines his mess. Clearly something does not add up. Finally he adds, "No, Mom. I mean I spilled on the floor."

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the alpha grandma said...

You cannot, I repeat CANNOT, use sarcasm and expect a 5-year-old to get it. Especially a 5-year-old as loving and eager to please as my Daniel. Besides, it's not important how long the floor STAYED clean, only that it GOT cleaned. What the hell, ya know what I mean?